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My father owned McCracken Brothers furniture refinishing in Chattanooga, so I grew up around woodworking and finishing. Two hundred years ago, the furniture maker was the cabinet maker. The same processes apply to both. Cutting and shaping wood and wood joinery and finishing. Cabinetry is specialized furniture adapted for kitchen use.

In the 80s, my father asked, “What will we do when they stop making antiques?” Of course, I thought he was kidding; he liked to kid around. But in reality, he wasn’t! People usually don’t buy furniture today, expecting to pass it down from generation to generation. That’s when my father came to the idea that in addition to refinishing furniture, we could also refinish cabinetry. And so we did until his retirement. Once he retired, I decided to drop the furniture refinishing and continue exclusively refinishing cabinetry.

In addition, I took a break and installed cabinetry for Classic Cabinetry here in Chattanooga for five years. After a while, I decided to go back into refinishing and have enjoyed that ever since.

I also have a complete cabinet shop where I can custom-build cabinets to tie into your existing cabinets for a seamless transition to expanding your kitchen. I enjoy what I do and am good at it. I have a unique skill set I bring to your kitchen to be a one-stop shop.

Through my contacts in the building trades, I have experienced tradespeople in other fields that I can refer you to. I can vouch for their work to help you finish this with the most minor headaches and run around. Good people do a good job.

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